Breathing Is Life!!!

So when i was a much younger man and i was living in Western Massachusetts, i had this practitioner that i went to quite often for acupuncture.  We were in a session one day when he gave me this breathing exercise that has stuck with me ever since.  He told me that if i did this exercise every day for fifteen minutes it would be like giving myself acupuncture.  It has been years since this was told to me but it has remained a very crucial part of my daily regimen.  

ok ok.  so without further due.

this is nasal breathing.  at least i get there faster with nasal breathing.

i always start by just taking the deepest breaths in and out that i can.  i try to make it so that my inhale is just a deep and and long as my exhale and then i break off into the count.  

so you inhale for four counts.  hold for seven counts.  and then a controlled release for 8 counts.  

if you cant get to a zen state and feel the response of your body from doing that you might not be human!!!  the beauty of it is that no matter if you do it exactly how i describe it, you will still get results!!!! Doing any type of concentrated breathing will definitely open you up to receive the communication we are supposed to be receiving and to block out the nonsense all around us that we are always absorbing.  Its a crucial thing in this time.  

More to come. Stay tuned....


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