RBG Fit Club Guide


So as part of the ongoing conversation within the Black Men Build group that i have been a part of for the last several month has been how we take care of ourselves.  It was dope to have Stic from Dead Prez come on and give us presentation about the RBG fit club.  And it was during /Black August which was meant to be a time for FasT, Study and Train.  So we were all fellowshipping with one  another and c=encouraging each other each day thru the Facebook group.  I thouhgt i would share here the brochure that has been a part of my daily regimen sinc e back in August.  Now odnt get me wrong, i am not some kinda super ninja doing this shit every second of every day.  But i try to keep at it.  Try to keep moving so that i see results.  Anyway, i hope that this might be something useful to you.  Check it out!  Aseo!

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