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Happy body? Happy mind.  It is naive to think that we will be able to make it thru this world without learning how to properly take care of Self.  You will find here short videos and links to others that are doing the work to keep our bodies moving and strong.  Check back for updates!!! 

The Healing of a Dog: The Arrival of Queen Sheba  

Sheba.  Most know her as the Ithiopian queen who stole the heart of King Solomon in biblical days.  I know her as a spirit of kindness and love that has embodied herself in a 1.5 year old Rottweiler who has recently come into my life and done the same. 

The circumstances around her arrival are just spooky! My wife has been asking me for a dog for more than a couple years, all starting when we had to take in my daughter’s dog Wilie for a few months while her and her mom travelled.  That little taste was all…

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Post Election Anxiety 

It was six oclock in the evening. I remember the time because i had gotten up early after an uneasy night. The uneasiness swelled and when i woke up, though it was cold out, i jumped in my clothes and started the ritual of getting Queen Sheba ready for her walk. Early morning on election day and i swear there were more than 30 dogs and their respective owners all over the neighborhood. Not only them, but everybody was walking with this determined gait. This "im doing this now because there is so much else…

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RBG Fit Club Guide

So as part of the ongoing conversation within the Black Men Build group that i have been a part of for the last several month has been how we take care of ourselves.  It was dope to have Stic from Dead Prez come on and give us presentation about the RBG fit club.  And it was during /Black August which was meant to be a time for FasT, Study and Train.  So we were all fellowshipping with one  another and c=encouraging each…

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Since this pandemic began, i like most every one else was out of work and sitting at home laughing with my wife as we took to sharing that time we never had because we were working doing this and that, in the flow of regular life.  Now we were ordering food and binge watching shows and cuddling and thinking about it like a vacation.  After a couple weeks of this, i kept looking at myself in the mirror and seeing that what was looking back at me was pizza and hamburger face.  it was a sit around too much and…

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Breathing Is Life!!! 

So when i was a much younger man and i was living in Western Massachusetts, i had this practitioner that i went to quite often for acupuncture.  We were in a session one day when he gave me this breathing exercise that has stuck with me ever since.  He told me that if i did this exercise every day for fifteen minutes it would be like giving myself acupuncture.  It has been years since this was told to me but it has remained a very crucial part of my daily regimen.  

ok ok.  so without further due.

this is…

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wealth + hellness


I had to put this here because...well lets be honest it is a little funny.  Especially with the Cobra Kai picture!!!  But seriously, one thing that has happened during this crisis is people have had to spend time with themselves and with varying results.  It is my thought that it is past time that we do some redefining in our lives.  AS an avid music fan myself, i find myself extremely disappointed with the landscape right now.  The materialism and vapid state of the music industry is nothing new, but at least back in the day, (at the risk of sounding like an old man) we had some variety.  Now even the so-called conscious cats are talking bout how much money and chains they got.  Smh.  In my humble opinion, this is where the problems of our community start.  We have this unrealistic notion of what it is to be wealthy.  And our lives are hell because of it.  Thats why this section is called Wealth and Hellness because until we decide to reimagine what wealth looks like, we will be stuck in this hellish state for a long time.  Your health is your wealth.  Your mind is precious real estate.  Stop letting everyone and everything tramp around on it!!  

Rastafari Lives.

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