Peace to everyone out there in the world.  This is an important piece for those of us that are struggling to find direction in this "new normal."

What is not new is that we as black people have been constantly under attack no matter what the normal is.  It is time for a united front.  It is time for us to have some semblance of togetherness.  This organization is one that i am very excited to be a part of.  We are building up our ranks by reaching out to black men all over the country, gay, straight, muslim, jew, rasta, gangsta, whateva.  We are trying to build something together to protect our neighborhoods and educate ourselves so that we can find a way forward that doesn't involve more senseless death of our young men and women.  I was brought to this project by Tef Poe outta St. Louis and have watched as his leadership along with a few other brothers brought this idea to life.  It is a beautiful thing and i hope that you are not frightenend by the self determination of black men.  Because if you are, then this is prolly not something you want to be reading.  


for more information about black men build check out the website.   Black Men Build

Blessings to each and all!

Yours in Struggle 


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