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The Liberator Talks...Andrew "Moon" Bain 

Welcome back to another edition of The Liberator Talks.  I'm your host, Toussaint The Liberator and i have someone special to introduce to all of you. 

Moon is one of the baddest musician i know and has been creating not only music but all kinds of different art for many many years.  We linked some years back and he was one of a few producers from my very own Black Gold project that came out in 2010.  He has before and since then been a collaborator on an exhaustive list of musical offerings from artists…

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The Liberator Talks: Tony Medina 

So when i thought of starting this interview series, I realized that there are so many people that i know that are giants in their respective fields.  To get us started is someone that i look up to immensely.  As i sit here and write, i am listening to Kamasi Washington's song "Changing of the Guard" from an album called The Epic.  It is so majestic and regal, and that coupled with the man i am about to present to you all makes me feel like i am in the temple of Black Excellence!!!  And what better way to…

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The Liberator introduction 

Greetings all of you beautiful people out there in the world!  I salute you for grinding and doing what you can do to keep a level head in these times.  It has been hard for me and i have definitely had ot do a more intensive regimen just to be pleasant which has led me to riding my bike incessantly every day searching for that peace place where i can actually see the thoughts that burn the edges of my reality and push me towards the dreams the drive me.   Those frayed edges of reality have always been…

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